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About Dalton


About Dalton








Product Design - Hang

My team and I have built Hang with one question in mind: How can we use technology to foster more human integration and experience? This question led us to combine a messenger and friend network with a digital assistant. Our application provides users with things to do (local events, concerts, places, and movie showtimes) and friends to do them with. 

Download or view Hang's features, design, and startup presentation!



Web Design - Autodesk Sketchbook 

Received a thirty eight precent download click rate on a SketchBook campaign site that I designed. Increase site engagement with ambient video, interactive GIFs, and consumer artwork. 

Check out the website here!



Video Production & Editing - Airbnb

The goal of this video was to be informative and to express a sense of belonging. I wanted to accomplish this by keeping everything real; not scripting interviews and shot but capturing all footage in its most natural state. This was a great challenge I enjoyed learning a lot from. 



Web Design & Video Production - Autodesk

At Autodesk I was able to collaborate with multiple teams on several key products. Telling the stories of these products allowed me to work with multiple mediums and forms. This video highlights a SketchBook campaign site, a Ember mini series, and a Spark overarching video. 

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CoFounder, Product Designer

Recruited and directed a technical team in developing a mobile application on iPhone and Android. Gained extensive experience in all stages of product design from ideation and testing to implementation. Mastered Adobe Creative Applications to build a brand through interface design, motion graphics, and marketing materials. Developed prototypes and final designs with Xcode’s Interface Builder. Ventured startup life with co-founders through an intense accelerator program and round of seed funding.

View Hang's design, feature set, and startup presentation!

Visual Storytelling Intern

Received a thirty eight precent download click rate on a SketchBook campaign site by enhancing it with ambient video, interactive GIFs, and consumer artwork. Collaborated with product, marketing, and business development teams to create a compelling narrative for Spark, Autodesk’s revolutionary 3D printing platform. Expressed this narrative through filmmaking, photography,  web design, and internal presentations. Produced an internal miniseries of training videos for Ember, Autodesk’s new DLP 3D printer. Through visual storytelling I was able to assist Autodesk on multiple fronts with their mission of unlocking creativity in everyone.

View Sketchbook campaign site!

Video Team Intern

Assisted the video team on a daily basis by organizing film/audio equipment, crafting video concepts, preparing large productions, supporting film shoots, editing roughcuts, and maintaining outlet channels. Showcased Airbnb globally to 2.3 million people through various videos that I produced, shot, and edited. Contributed in launching a massive company rebrand that dramatically increased brand recognition and site traffic. Heightened interest in working for Airbnb along with raising number of applications with an intern recruitment video. 

"One way that Dalton went above and beyond was in his ability to take critical feedback and edit and adjust from there. This showed a lot of maturity, flexibility, and creativity on his part. He paid attention to every detail in the video and refused to lower his standards for his final work. His work ethic and vision were totally on point. It was great working with him!" - Janet Frishberg, Recruiting Coordinator 

View intern presentation! 

Film Tax & Locations Intern

Supported film productions in finding locations and receiving a 30% film tax credit. Attracted filmmakers to Chicago by scouting and photographing various locations around the city. Helped approve film tax credits by analyzing and verifying massive production budgets and schedules.

"Dalton was a pleasure to work with. My team and I would welcome him on any project!" - Julie Morgan, Production Coordinator 

Documentary Filmmaker

Created quality content by effectively communicating with clients and efficiently managing shoots. Oversaw every stage of production from conceptualizing and planning to marketing and distributing. 

"Dalton already has the passion, discipline, skill sets and sensitivity to shoot and edit documentary productions at a professional level." - Jeff Spitz, Documentary Unit Coordinator, Emmy Award Winner  

Office Assistant

Collaborated with multiple departments on a variety of short tasks and long term projects. Achieved running a dynamic and fast paced office by being a self-starter, quickly learning new processes and technology, paying attention to detail, and working with diligence.

Digital Production Intern

Captured the heart and soul of community initiatives by communicating with city administrators and citizens to understand the best way to tell their story on film. Conducted work independently while remaining reliable towards employers strict deadlines. 

Marketing Intern

Utilized media to enrich people's lives by encouraging and rewarding them. Pitched thought out ideas that were implemented into impactful marketing campaigns. Learned how to best create future content by following the impact of previous work.


Education & Software

Education & Software

Columbia College Chicago

Graduated: December 2015 | Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Cinema Art + Science | Entrepreneurship Minor

Columbia College Chicago is the largest and most diverse private arts and media college in the nation. At Columbia, I have been challenged with a rigorous academic program while being fully immersed in a creative and collaborative environment with a hands-on approach to multi-media production.

Central Campus

Advanced Technical School | 2011 - 2012 | Film & Media

"Dalton makes a habit of creating exemplary work. He is consistently exhibiting personal growth in taking on the required projects as well as projects that assist others. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that he remains commited to all tasks great and small."

Tim Collman, Media Professor 

Southeast Polk

High School | Graduated 2012 | Student Body President

"He is motivated, amazingly creative and is not intimidated by taking on new challenges. He is one of the most passionate an energetic young people I have ever been around. Dalton also takes the time to build relationships his communication skills are excellent."

Craig Menozzi, Superintendent 



Design: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Xcode Interface Builder

Film: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer

Other: Microsoft Office, iWork Applications, Google Applications, Social Media Sites

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